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Our goal is to create strong leaders and teams that work cohesively together

We have programs and Assessment Tools to help get your Leaders & Teams stronger.

Probably nothing can impact an organization’s effectiveness more than improving the performance of its teams. People gain their identity and find meaning from their teams. We have a host of solutions for improving communications and reducing conflict in teams.

We have decades of experience training managers and developing leaders at all levels, from first line supervisors to strategic leaders. Starting with thorough assessments to providing the tools your leaders need to be their fullest selves. These solutions may mean developing strategic thinking, or may be as simple as improving their mechanics of running meetings and providing feedback.

26 years of experience

Our team spent our careers as military leaders. Our job required us to build leaders, and we are prepared to take on your organization's challenges.

Defining success

What does success mean to you?

You cannot be successful without solid leaders and teams that work.

“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” - Jack Welch

Our Services & Programs

Team Development

We all work as part of a team. We will help you stop wasting time by developing your team, so your team members perform at their fullest potential.

Manager Development

Most first time managers struggle with the added responsibility, sometimes resulting in turnover, loss of engagement, and lost revenue. We help managers succeed.


We've advised several nations in aligning their objectives with methods and resources to reach their goals. We can do the same for your organization.

Optimizing Organizations

Organization effectiveness depends on structure and policies. An outside perspective and implementation plan can make all the difference.

Project Management

We’ve led projects worth tens of millions of dollars. We developed training programs for small organizations and national capabilities. We can help your team build their project management skills.

Resiliency Programs

The military has developed effective programs to promote resiliency. Your organization can benefit from the same research and applications to prepare for challenges, uncertainty, and the stresses life brings.

Diversity Programs

The business case for diversity is well established. Diverse teams perform better. Let us help you move from compliance to advocacy to leverage your entire group and reach new markets.


How do you prepare a team member to become a team leader? We provide new leaders with all the tools they need to thrive. Share your concerns, and we’ll build a custom program that won’t break your budget.

Professional and experienced Veteran Owned and Employed

Why choose Us


All of our degrees contribute to a foundation to understand and solve similar complex problems.


We have built and led diverse teams around the world to solve some of the most difficult challenges imaginable.


We are certified with the largest number of assessment tool providers that any of our competition.

Contact us so we can start building a program for your organization.

We look at developing leaders and building teams differently


I had the pleasure of working with Don as a subordinate under his leadership. He was consistently devoted in ensuring his staff and leaders were mentored through weekly professional development meetings. He instilled leadership skills in the younger lieutenant's, ensuring they had a mentor to be successful in their own careers. He is a dedicated leader and mentor that always strived for success in his subordinates and the betterment of the organization as a whole
Adrian Romero
Liaison Targeting Officer to South Korea Army
I am proud to write a recommendation for COL Don Potoczny. I served with COL Potoczny in Iraq as Joint Planner in United States Forces-Iraq in the Iraqi Security Forces Training Cell for one year. During that timeframe, COL Potoczny was the Deputy Chief, and he was a source of mentorship and calmness within out very high OPTEMPO shop. His technical and tactical expertise was invaluable in assisting the team to providing the best analysis for our leadership to make decisions. I'm now retired after 23 years of service, and I can say that COL Potoczny was one of the few leaders who actually listened and genuinely cared for his subordinates.
Gregory Ohman
Exercise Specialist & Planner, Operations Manager & Veteran
Don is a tremendous talent and leader who inspires those around him to achieve exceptional results every time. He is a visionary who sees the bigger picture and instinctively knows how to get the most from every member of the team. I always trusted him with the most difficult projects, and he never disappointed!
Brian McKiernan
Major General, US Army (retired)
Colonel Potoczny brings energy and enthusiasm to everything he can influence. There wasn't anything in our organization that did not see improvement while he was in command: the mission readiness of our battalion in Korea, the meaningful mentorship of junior officers, our maintenance and supply discipline, and even the efficiency of writing our emails. Colonel Potoczny not only continuously reads and improves his understanding of the organization, but seeks out expertise from others to grow. He takes the time to mentor and teach those who work for him, seeking out the strengths in others to find the right person for the job. Colonel Potoczny is a leader that I am proud to have worked for and taught me innumerable lessons about being a better leader myself.
Juan Noda
Class of 2020 Dual Degree MD-MBA Candidate & Veteran