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Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success. – Henry Ford

Leadership & Management Development

How do you prepare a team member to become a team leader? We provide new leaders all the tools they need to thrive.  Most first time managers struggle with the added responsibility, sometimes resulting in turnover, loss of engagement and lost revenue. We help managers succeed.

Share your concerns and we’ll build a custom program that won’t break your budget.

Team development & Project Management

We all work as a part of a team. We will help you stop wasting time by developing your team, so your team members perform at their fullest potential. Our programs are built to teach individuals to operate out of their strengths while using the strengths of others when they are lacking. Recognizing what other people can add helps a team operate in a strong cohesive manner. 

We’ve led projects worth tens of millions of dollars. We’ve built training programs for small organizations. We’ve enabled national capabilities. We can help your team build their project management skills.


The military has developed effective programs to promote resiliency. Your organization can benefit from the same research and applications to prepare for challenges, uncertainty and the stresses life brings. Our programs will teach your leaders, managers and teams to work on communication skills and awareness. We also teach teams how to move through challenges and bounce and recover quickly when issues or set-backs arise. 


The business case for diversity is well established. Diverse teams perform better.

Let us help you move from compliance to advocacy to leverage your entire team and reach new markets. Positive intergroup interaction, eliminating prejudices and discrimination while honoring each other’s differences is proven to build teams that work more efficiently and more effectively together. 

Strategy & Optimization

Whether you’re responsible for leading a team, a product line or a business devision or your own business, you need to be able to identify and plan new sources of competitive advantage. We have programs to help your leaders build a strategic foundation and maintain growth by expanding your company’s market share, business operations, and global reach. 

Our Organizational Optimization program will help you create a new way to look at your organization, explore how effective it is currently and optimize its future potential. 

We have 1, 3 and 5 day workshops to meet any Organization's needs... or we can build a custom program

Learn more about behaviors and personality types by having your team take one or more of our assessment tools.

Assessment Tools